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We are very pleased that Heinz & Zagrosek, as well as the individual partners, have been listed again in several rankings on antitrust law in Germany: Heinz & Zagrosek ranks among the GCR TOP 100 law firms 2023 by magazin Global Competition Review  (here), and is listed among the best commercial law firms 2023 in Germany for antitrust law in magazine brandeins (here), as well as among the Focus magazine’s TOP commercial law firms 2023 in Germany (here). Silke Heinz is listed in well-renowned Chambers under European Competition Law , Germany 2023, (here). Silke Heinz und Dr. Roman Zagrosek are both among the Handelsblatt’s best lawyers in Germany in 2023 in the area of antitrust/competition law, and Dr. Zagrosek also in the area of corporate governance & compliance (here). 
We are very grateful for the recognition of our work and see this as further incentive to continue to provide our clients with top quality legal services that are comprehensible at the same time.

Provision-by-provision commentary on the DMA published


The new commentary on the DMA has been published: Podszun (Ed.), Digital Markets Act: DMA, Gesetz über digitale Märkte, Handkommentar, 2023 (in German). 
This is one of the first specific commentaries on the new legislation at EU level that imposes certain obligations and prohibitions on so-called digital gatekeepers. 
The regulation is applicable in addition to competition law.  The DMA is considered as a legislative “milestone” in the area of digital ecosystems.

Silke Heinz has authored the chapters on Art. 5(3),(4),(5),(7) and (8), as well as Art. 6(5) DMA.
The German version of the commentary is available here. An English version is in preparation and is scheduled to be published still in 2023.

Alphabet / Google is subject to new abuse control rules applicable to large digital companies in Germany

On December 30, 2021, the Federal Cartel Office has decided that Google has paramount significance for competition across markets in Germany under Section 19a ARC. Accordingly, Google is now subject to the new special abuse control rules for large digital companies. Silke Heinz has published a guest commentary (in German) in the legal journal Wirtschaft und Wettbewerb 02/2022, see here.

The FCO has published a press release on the decision (in English), see here.

The decision has also been published by now (only in German), see here

Heinz & Zagrosek recognized as top antitrust/competition law firm in Germany in several rankings

Heinz & Zagrosek has been recognized as one of the top antitrust/competition law firms in Germany in several rankings this year: renowned magazines brandeins, Wirtschaftswoche, Focus as well as Handelsblatt/Best Lawyers all rank partner Silke Heinz and the law firm Heinz & Zagrosek among the top antitrust lawyers in Germany.  We are very pleased and would like to thank everyone for the great feedback! This provides us with even more motivation to continuously aim at producing excellent work, offer tailor-made services to our clients and become even better!

(Here are links to the rankings.)

Competition law compliance and digitization

Silke Heinz gave a short speech on the topic Competition law compliance and digitization at the webconference Legal & Compliance Forum on April 30, 2020.  She speaks about the recent tendencies of competition authorities pursuing hardcore restrictions in vertical supply relations and horizontal cartels, including on the role of technological developments in the digital economy.  At the end, Ms. Heinz talks about the role of algorithms, how competition authorities view these and presents conclusions for compliance work.  You can find a video of the speech here (in German)