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Competition Law

The law firm offers legal advice and representation regarding the whole range of German and European competition law.

Merger control. Analyzing possible notification requirements, preparing competition law assessments on the feasibility of merger operations, preparing and submitting merger notifications, representing clients in merger control proceedings, as well as coordinating several notifications in different jurisdictions.

Distribution and cooperation agreements, including joint ventures. Reviewing and advising on various forms of contractual distribution arrangements in vertical relations (including on selective distribution, franchise, questions on exclusivity, on Internet sales, etc.), and on cooperation in horizontal relations (for example R&D agreements, including licensing, joint production, joint sales, etc.), as well as on joint ventures.

Competition law proceedings. Advising and representing clients in governmental cartel proceedings, including during dawn raids by the competition authorities, in interviews and hearings, carrying out access to file, submitting comments on statement of objections, as well as preparing leniency applications and/or negotiating settlements with the authorities. The same applies to proceedings on possible vertical infringements and to sector inquiries, respectively.

Dominance. Advising on permissible market conduct (and its limits) of companies with a dominant or paramount market position, as well on potential claims in this context, including access or supply claims by third parties.

Competition Law Compliance. Advising on compliance measures, including on training concepts and their implementation, creating guidelines, presentations and other compliance materials, including e-learning, as well as carrying out internal investigations.

Litigation. Advising and representing clients in competition law court litigation and arbitration, including against decisions of the German Federal Cartel Office or the European Commission in merger, cartel or other competition law cases, as well as in civil litigation with competition law aspects, for example supply claims or civil damages for competition law infringements.