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The law firm advises and represents clients in antitrust litigation, including before the Düsseldorf Court of Appeals, the German Federal State Court and the European Courts.

One focus is representing clients in administrative law proceedings against decisions of competition authorities, notably of the FCO or the European Commission, for example in the judicial review of merger prohibition decisions.

The law firm also represents clients in appeals against fines before the German and European Courts. In Germany, this includes representing individuals concerned and/or witnesses in cartel cases.

Another focus is representing and advising clients in civil litigation and arbitration with competition law aspects. This covers issues such as the validity of contractual provisions, including for example non-compete and exclusivity clauses or other competitive restraints, abusive conduct, as well as so-called “follow-on” cartel damages claims, including questions on jurisdictional issues, expert opinions on the amount of damages, as well as access to file and disclosure.